Audio Mixing Experts

South Louisiana Mixing Specialists

General Mixing Includes:

  • Any editing, EQ work, adding effects, or make any adjustments to levels or panning
  • Preparing a final mixdown to ready for mastering

General Mixing would be typical if:

  • You have recorded your material and some minor mixing, just to have a basic mix. There is still a good amount of work required to get it to sound the way you want
  • You have recorded and mixed all your material and the final mixdown just isn’t where it should be, and you know a lot more can be done to it – you just don’t have the time, experience, or equipment to get it there


Touch-Up Mixing + Mastering Also Available:

  • Cost is $15 per track when added to any mastering service (for tracks up to 5 minutes in length)
  • Contact us for details and pricing for tracks longer than 5 minutes, to provide more than 6 parts (stems) per song, or if you want to send us the mix session instead of stem mixdowns

If your song has already been mixed and you feel the mix is nearly complete, then you may only need Touch Up Mixing work to finish it up instead of full general mixing work. Touch-up mixing plus mastering gives the mix engineer enough freedom to make some final fine-tuning adjustments to your mix prior to handing it over to the mastering engineer, but doesn’t cost as much as general mixing. To utilize touch-up mixing to finish up your mix you will need to prepare stems mixdowns for each of your songs.

If you would like to have another mix engineer touch-up your mix to help optimize it for best possible mastering results, then this option is the way to go. You can provide us with up to 6 stereo stems (separated parts) per song.