Architechnique Audio Mastering

Mastering Service in Baton Rouge

Audio Mastering Services

Prices for our regular Audio Mastering / CD Mastering services are listed below. Includes WAV and 320kbps mp3 digital audio mastered tracks returned by mail.

Album Rate: $285 per album

  • Best price for projects with 10 – 20 tracks, up to 80 minutes of music
  • Standard turn around typically 10 – 14 business days

Per Track Rate: $25 per track

  • Best price for 1-9 tracks, max. 5 minutes per track
  • Standard turn around typically 8 – 10 business days

Variation Track/Album Mastering

On occasion, the need arises to have a separately mastered version of a track or full album that is simply a variation of the same material we are mastering or have already mastered for you. Examples of variation mastering may include: a performance version album of your full album, an instrumental version of your full track, a radio-friendly version of a track containing explicit material, remix versions of previously mastered tracks, etc. Discounted rates for mastering variation tracks or albums are available as follows (Standard timeline only – call for rush service pricing):

  • PER TRACK: $10 per variation track (up to 5 minutes)
  • PER ALBUM: $119 per variation album (up to 20 tracks, 80 minutes)
  • BEAT and A CAPPELLA MASTERING: $59 per track or $594 per album*

*Price includes 3 independently mastered tracks/albums – beat tracks, a cappella tracks, and full mixes.